We Care With Molly And Bob

Monday, 8 April 2013 – Molly’s the bus driver but Bob drives the van.

It’s a small thing, but volunteering at We Care makes me feel useful. There’s a Jewel Run every day. Monday is my day to do it with Bob, and Molly looks after the pantry. So Bob and I “run” to Jewel in the We Care van to get the produce, meat, dairy and other items Jewel is donating to We Care.

Like I said, it’s a small thing. But it’s also a way to be involved with the community. A big part of getting happy is being involved. It’s kind of hard to be very happy or excited if you’re always on your own, right?

Volunteering at We Care gives me a core group of people to interact with. Then there’s an additional group – the folks who come in to make use of the pantry – to meet and be social with. We talk about all kinds of things, and it feels good to be involved.

I went back out to Peace Lutheran today. PADS is there Sunday and Monday nights. This makes everyone that I’ve said thank you to for being part of PADS.

I’m having trouble getting the social conversation put together for Getting Happy…when you wish you were dead. Part of it is wondering whether this is something people really want to talk about. I’m really just borrowing trouble, I know. The bigger part is being shy about putting myself completely out there.

I’ve been talking about this project with people for months, so I’m thinking I should be prepared for this. But social media is a big audience. What if people start hacking on me for what I’m doing? Then I remember that people are going to hack on you no matter what you do. So I’d rather have someone upset with me for making the effort than anything else.

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