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7 Most Powerful Self-Image Strength Training Words

My self-image controls all the sub-conscious choices that determine my behavior and body language. Self-image strength training gives me an edge for getting happy.

When my self-image is strong and positive, I perform well at school or work, get along well with others, and frequently achieve my goals. A weak self-image broadcasts itself as timidity, lack of confidence, and even self-loathing.

First, let me share the seven most powerful words for self-image strength training. Then we’ll look at three simple components of self-image strength training.

7 Most Powerful Self-Image Strength Training Words

I Am What


Self-image – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation

We all have a self-image: an idea of who we are that we hold in our minds. For most of us, that self-image is a lie.

We lie by telling ourselves we cannot change. We’ve all said it at some point – “That’s just the way I am.” Right? And every time we say it, we feel the sting of defeat.

It isn’t that we haven’t tried to change. We set goals, plan our days, get accountability partners, and yet we can’t seem to