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Conrad Hall happy with Silas

Conrad Hall happy with Silas

Conrad Hall was born the third child in a family with two children, and his parents never allowed him to forget it. He has still managed to become a patient, loving and generous man. Conrad Hall is also the founder of the Cranium Ex Rectum philosophy, so he has little patience, love or generosity for anyone unwilling to be honest with themselves.

Before turning 28, Conrad Hall experienced every major trauma available to a man except having a terminal illness. (Conrad says he “experienced everything except a fatal illness and actually giving birth.”) Here are a few “highlights” from those years:

  • Married and witnessed the birth of his daughter, Jennifer Geraldine
  • Divorced, homeless and bankrupt (all at once) – primarily because of his own poor choices
  • At age 15, he was been molested by an employer
  • His Aunt Geri and Grandma Charters died long before he was ready to lose them
  • A car accident in 1994 saw him dead in the car for several minutes
  • That same accident required 10 ½ hours of surgery – during which he woke up while a surgeon was inserting a chest tube
  • At age 7, he asked to live with his Aunt Geri and Uncle Harold so he wouldn’t have to go home to parents who didn’t want him
  • During his teens and twenties, there were multiple efforts at suicide, almost constant rage, and long periods of dark depression

Those hard experiences, the people he met along the way, and his personal desire to be a better man led Conrad to face his own faults. He learned to accept mistakes and failure as natural, effective means for finding what works. That’s why and how Conrad Hall developed the Cranium Ex Rectum philosophy. It’s a playful reminder to take our mistakes less seriously. It also encourages us to learn from those mistakes by facing them honestly.

In more recent years Conrad Hall has authored several books. Getting Happy…when you wish you were dead is his eighth title, and the first in the Getting Happy series. The Chicago Tribune says ”Getting Happy is chicken soup for the 21st Century.” The New York Times says “Getting Happy is a real-life silver linings story that makes you want to cheer, weep and laugh, all at the same time.”

Conrad Hall’s other titles include:

Getting Happy…when you wish you were dead is Conrad Hall’s first entry to Personal Development and Self-Help. It’s a story about 143 days of his life, and the roller coaster ride from business success to divorce and jail, and back to having his own apartment. The story is punctuated with stories from Conrad’s past that show why he was able to move past each day’s troubles – plus the alluring, constant desire to end it all – and arrive at Getting Happy.

Conrad’s honesty, his willingness to be exposed, make Getting Happy…when you wish you were dead a must read for every parent and friend.” David Hancock, Morgan James Publishing.

Conrad’s goal is to:

Find teens who are as I once was, and keep them from walking the paths I have followed.” He has learned to find the line between accepting responsibility for his choices, and setting aside the blame for other people’s actions. Along that line, he has found happiness and fulfillment even in the midst of divorce and homelessness.

Conrad’s story is far from finished. In fact, many people (including his publisher, friends, and even a politician) believe the best part of his story has yet to be lived and told. Conrad’s invitation is for you to join the adventure and discover your own way for Getting Happy.

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