Saying Thank You Gets A Boost

Thursday, 4 April 2013 – Thursday is one of the days I volunteer at We Care. It’s nothing official – Monday is my official day for volunteering. But the ladies who do Thursday are older and I like to be there in case they need helping lifting or moving.

Dan Peterson stopped by We Care while I was there. Naturally I said thank you to him for all his help while I was in PADS. I also asked if he’d bring a duffle bag he has been holding onto for me.

Well, he went to run a couple of errands, picked up the duffel, and came back to We Care. So he gave me a quick lift over to the apartment to drop it off. I appreciate that because the duffel bag is quite heavy. Now everything I have is in the apartment. And I’ll have to make arrangements with Yvette to get the rest of my clothes and shoes.

St. Vincent’s Table is Thursday evenings at First Presbyterian. I went over to have supper as usual and was hoping to see Millie there. She’s president of the PADS Board, and of all the people I’ve met at PADS it’s Millie who sticks out the most. She’s incredibly encouraging, definitely no nonsense, and likes to laugh a lot.

She didn’t show up for dinner, though. She usually does because she helps to coordinate the St. Vincent’s Table program.

Cathy was there, though. I told her about the apartment. Right away, she told me to put together a list of the things I need to furnish it. She and Gordon run the Clothes Closet in Coal City, plus they volunteer with PADS. So I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months. They’re good people, and we’ve had a lot of good conversations.

So it turns out the first two people I said “thank you” to, turned right around and helped me even more. You just have to see how cool that is.

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