First Day in My New Apartment

Good news. The fellow who cleans the carpets was able to get it done today, so I’m staying in my new apartment tonight.

That makes me doubly happy because it’s Wednesday. Tonight PADS is at First Christian Church and that means getting a ride out there form the Sheriff’s office. Riding in the Sheriff’s van isn’t torturous or anything, but being locked in isn’t exactly fun either.

I just realised I didn’t say where the apartment is yesterday. It’s over a funeral home – very quiet at night! And it’s only a block away from We Care. That’s going to make it very easy to keep volunteering there.

A friend who lives in the same building told me the apartment was available Monday. The lady who was living there moved out on the weekend, and I went straight down to see Tom about the apartment Monday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, he had given me the keys and the lease was signed.

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am that friends have stepped up to help me get this apartment. It makes a world of difference at every level. I feel secure on a personal level, there are no bags to carry every day, and it makes working on the book a hundred times easier.

Which makes me think. I need to visit the PADS congregations during the coming week to say thank you for all the help they’ve given. Yes, it’s a homeless shelter so there’s very little stability. But it’s also hot meals and a safe place to sleep each night – that’s far more stable than sleeping outside and scavenging for food.

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