Catching Up With Getting Happy

Getting Happy…when you wish you were dead is alive in social media. The Facebook page is live (, there’s a LinkedIn Group, and I’m working on the video and text for the Kickstarter Campaign. When it comes to Twitter, I’m using my existing account for TheConradHall.

In addition to social media, I’m using radio interviews to get the word out. Those start next week.

All that said, there’s a bit of a gap between 2 April and today. April 2nd is when I got my apartment, and that’s the end of the 143 Days to Getting Happy.

My original intention was to make daily posts here so everyone could see that getting happy is something you keep doing. You don’t just suddenly arrive one day and never have to work at it again. 🙂 But as you can see, I didn’t make daily posts.

So today I invested time to write posts about some of the significant things that happened in the first few days after April 2nd. That helps to get me caught up. But rather than try to fill in 20 days worth of posts, I’m thinking to skip over a lot of days and start writing regularly starting today.

What do you think? Is that okay, or do you think I should work to fill in the missing days? (Of course, you know I’m cheating a little bit. I’m slanting the question to get you to tell me to skip it.)

Plus the Kickstarter Campaign is going to start soon, and the radio interviews are starting, so a lot of time is taken up getting all of that in order. I have to admit it’s much easier to skip a few days and focus on getting the work done.

I was talking with Millie at St. Vincent’s Table tonight. We’re all missing the social time we had playing euchre at PADS. To get that back, we’re talking about getting together Tuesday evenings and playing for a couple of hours. Millie has everyone’s number, so I asked her to set it up for us.

Today has been an ordinary day, and that feels good. Sometimes getting happy means having nothing happen. You see, it isn’t about always laughing or having fun. Getting happy means having your thoughts be pleasant a good share of the time. Sometimes that simply means being content.

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